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Purchase Black tar heroin – Black tar heroin is a dark-colored form of heroin that ranges from a gooey consistency to a hard, rock-like form.

This black tar is Produced in Mexico, black Tar Heroin is the most common type of heroin available west of the Mississippi River. But recently it’s been turning up more frequently in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

Sometimes called Chiva, Mexican tar or black, black tar is less refined than powder forms of heroin. The dark color, which can range from a deep red color to dark brown to black, comes from contaminants in the refinement process. This form tends to have a strong vinegar smell.

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Black tar heroin is usually diluted and smoked or injected. It can also be snorted, but it has to be ground down first. Injecting black tar heroin can lead to numerous health problems, including serious skin infections.

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