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Buy GML Apeti – Tablets online


20 pills per box/US$10

Buy up to 10 for a 10-20 week supply



Buy GML Apeti – Tablets online

GML Apeti tablets contain only Cyproheptadine but no Lysine as Apetamin has. Taken alone they will stimulate your appetite and allow you to eat larger meals. The side effects of taking these tablets are drowsiness and somnolence.  Many people who initially complain of drowsiness usually no longer do so after three or four days of continuous use.  GML Apeti tablets are to be taken by mouth either with or without water. Take one tablet before food three times a day.  For better results, you can pair these tablets with the Apetamin Syrup

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  1. admin

    I take two a day and get super hungry even after eating a meal. Great for gaining weight!

  2. admin

    I’ve been taking them for a week and already gained 10 pounds 🙂 Will be ordering more !!

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